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Centered Golf is a collection of short, concise instructional videos to help the serious and recreational golfer. The full swing sections are based around a centered stable turn which we believe is the easiest way to achieve solid contact and quality golf shots. We will also address our ideas on the easiest way to develop your short game, pitching, putting, chipping and bunker play. We will also talk about our beliefs in the mental and course management sides of the game.


CenteredGolf.co.uk was established in Summer 2018.  We are currently building up our library of content.

The Tech Team consists of Amateur players, all of which are learning the game, some of which have only truly started to study the swing with any intensity over the last couple years.

There is a lot of existing great content on YouTube for the amateur player, but we found as golfers trying to study the game; that navigating through the multitude of differing quality of content was sometimes difficult and very time consuming to find the right information.

Our aim is to add strong and well thought content, with emphasis of getting to the point!

Brad Millar qualified as a PGA Professional in 2003.  He was a full time coach at DriveTime in Warrington before moving to his current position as Club Professional at Mossock Hall Golf Club.


PGA Professional
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